It is completely dark. He could not see anything in front of him but he could hear someone whispering “I love you” in a ghastly voice. “I love you” “I love you” “I love you”. Suddenly a horrendous face appears right in front of him and says “I won’t leave you”.
He wakes up suddenly with heart in his mouth. Clock strikes 12 am. “Shit, bloody nightmare” he mumbled. He has only 8 hours more for his flight to India. He is going home after 2 years. He dozed off again to catch some sleep before the flight.
He reaches home in Chennai. Distributes gifts to his mom and dad. Tells his mom how much he missed her food while gulping down idlis with delicious sambar. Then sleeps for the most of the day.
He was not able to get any sleep in the night. So he just keeps browsing through TV channels, occasionally stopping by to watch few good old songs. Suddenly everything goes blank. It is completely dark with only the sound of the fan coming to a grinding halt. He lets out a mild cry of fright. His mom comes out of her room with the help of light from her mobile. “Mom there must be some ghost here. Suddenly everything went off” he claims. She smiles and says, “son, this is Tamilnadu and it is just the usual power cut” and suggests going to the terrace for some time to get some air. He calms down and on the terrace they talk about his experience in United States when they suddenly hear sounds of foot steps in the stairs. He begins to sweat. His heart palpitates and begins to beat at a very high rate as the foot steps approach. He clutches his mom’s hand and pushes her to his back. A figure with a mobile torch light appears out of the dark and asks him “Son, what are doing here at this time”.He lets out a whisper, “mom” . He turns around with great fear to see his mom behind him. But she is not there. Rather she is standing in front of him. He could hear a clock nearby striking 12 gongs. He shouts out loud for help when he wakes up again in his US apartment. It is just 1am and he still has 7 hours for the flight.

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