For the love of driving a car


Yes it is materialistic!!! Yeah know i can live without it!!! But…

With your loved ones bringing out good old memories or
With your friends churning out laughs after laughs or
The pleasing sight of the love of your life in deep slumber besides you while you are on the wheels

With the best collection of music you love
Donning the shades during day
Juggling between high and low beam during dark

The exquisite feel of a smooth steer and a swift gear shift
Be it a rugged road or a robust one
Be it a smooth sail or a wobbly expedition

Chasing mirage after mirage just to see it disappear or
To observe the rain drops fashion a pattern of its own in the windshield

You witness the colours changing from black to brown to green to blue, the visuals are random but alluring
Pausing occasionally to hear the sound of shapeless water gushing or
To enjoy the sight of the solid beast of a mountain in its tranquility

You are not troubled by your fat wallet burning calories for fuel or
Unsettled by the exhaustion at the end of the day
Because you know the moment you open the door, wear the seat belt, power on the machine, hold the steering, change from neutral to first gear, release the brake and move it, the feel is going to be ethereal

There are few pleasures in the world that can match the orgasm experienced by driving a car.

Photographed by Madhan Kumar


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