To Amma, with admiration

Dec 2015 அன்று நீ அமைதியாய்

நாங்கள் ஆவேசமாய்

Dec 2016 இன்றும் நீ அமைதியாய்

நாங்கள் அழுகயாய்


During the later half of 90s when photos of you, in all the glitter of gold jewellery and bright orange saree with your close friend Sasikala along with the news of shameless accumulation of wealth in corrupt way, appeared and when you hosted an outrageously expensive wedding for your foster son , we developed a distaste for you. We thought how uneducated could you be. Then the vendetta politics of arresting an old man in his sleep made us think how arrogant a woman can get. The way you withdrew support for Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government only showed us how immature and power hungry you were. Superstar, most loved man of the state, not liking you much back then didn’t help your popularity. Even when you won the state elections in 2001, the credit belonged to MGR and not you. You always seemed to enjoy people, irrespective of age, prostrate before you. We never understood your friendship with Sasikala. We were mostly baffled and sometimes flustered on why you wouldn’t let her go. You believed in God, which was moving away from the core Dravidian ideology. All we had was an image of an adamant, arrogant, power hungry, irrational, theist, autocratic, retribution seeking woman who ran her political career just with the name of the yesteryear super star MGR.

What did we never do? We never looked at your life prior to the 90s. We hated Jayalalithaa but never did we take time to understand what Komalavalli or Ammu was about.

Your career was, as you had put it, impetuous. You were forced into movies by your mother and then into politics by MGR, of which you didn’t like either. We didn’t know you had to enter into acting at the age of 16 to shoulder your family responsibilities. We didn’t know you were the best outgoing student of your school and had a scholarship to join college which you had to forgo for family. We didn’t know you lost your dad by the age of 2 and had to live far away from you mom for a good part of your childhood. We didn’t know you lost your mother when you were 23 years old and from then on you had to live with only masked faces around you. We failed to understand that, a man who was 30 years older to you, a man of the masses, a man who was a great political power, a man whom you regard as a guiding figure after your mother passed away, saw your potential in politics. For us it was just you using him to enter politics and using his name till date to win elections. We never gave credit to what you have made yourself to be. You had to endure being pushed away from the MGR’s funeral. You had to ride out advancing men in assembly. But we were not ready to glance upon these incidents. You were imprisoned in a condemned cell for a month when you were arrested for 1996 corruption charges. But we forgot that you never had a TV channel back then for yourself to throw tantrums and gain sympathy. May be being adamant or arrogant or autocratic were not your inherent qualities but these qualities might have been cultivated in you by the happenings in your life. You believed in God and we mocked it because Periyar built the foundation of Dravidian ideology with atheism at its cornerstone. But we overlooked the fact that you had the courage not to hide your beliefs and conveniently forgot what respected Annadurai had said “Ondrae kulam, Oruvanae Devan”. Calling you an iron lady, we easily mistook you for a machine. We forgot you were a human who needed a soul to take care of you, to love you, to shoulder your worries. Maybe it would have been better if you had kept only Sasikala with you and not her entire family.

Though things mentioned in above paragraph can never justify any wrong doings we cannot desist to admire your courage, your will power, your administration skills and your strong hold over a crore of AIADMK party members. When you won the assembly elections in 2016 for the second successive time, a truly strong leader was born. You had broken out of the shadows of MGR. With late 60s and 70s being prime age for greatness in Indian politics, it is very unfortunate that you had to depart from us at the age of 68.

Wonder what would have happened had you shut out Sasikala’s family!! Wonder what would have happened had you not met Sasikala at all!! Wonder what would have happened if you were not brought to politics!! Wonder what would have happened if you were not pushed to take up acting!! Wonder what would have happened had you continued with your academics!! Wonder what would have happened if you had remained Komalavalli of your family and not Jayalalitha of Tamilnadu!! Well, destiny has it own path!!! May your soul Rest in Peace.jayalalithaa-pti-l

#Amma #Jayalalithaa #IronLady


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