Trump and TamilNadu House owner

A gentleman, 50 years old, makes himself comfortable in his living room sofa after refreshing himself from the exhaustion of the day’s work. His wife brings him coffee. He turns ON the television to hear a heated debate on TV about the immigration ban that Donald Trump has imposed. He intently listens for sometime. He has his own opinion on the issue by now. He dials his friend to discuss about it.

His wife by now switches the channel to her favourite soap opera and is desperately trying to hear the dialogues over her husband’s loud blather with his friend. She has no choice but to listen to what he is talking. The husband went about criticising Trump for his ban and how irrational it is of him to ban people from Muslim countries. He goes on for about 10 minutes then puts the phone down much to the elation of his wife who can now enjoy her serial. As the husband tries to switch to a news channel again, he hears the door bell ring.

He goes out to enquire who it was. A 25 year old young man introduces himself as the one who spoke in the morning over phone regarding the vacant house for rent. The house owner aka Husband guides the young man through a tour of the vacant house, all the while boasting about the positives of the house and how cheap the rent is compared to other houses in the neighbourhood. Both parties seemed happy after all the discussion and the young man agreed to pay the advance the next day.

As the young man was about to leave, the house owner asks for his name. He identifies himself as Mohammad. Immediately, the house owner says that there was another guy who had visited the house 15 minutes ago and he would call Mohammad only if the other guy doesn’t show up. Mohammad seemingly understood and left he place with a smile.



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